Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Funkey Dunkey Swatch

Hey everybody! I've decided to do one blog, two swatches, one blog two swatches. So here's the post! I hpe everyone's okay from the hurricane- we came ou unscathed. Hope you enjoy! We're up to the last polish that follows the whole mom gifting story! This is Funkey Dunkey, a purple polish from the Shrek collection released summer 2010. It is a creme finish and amazingly opaque. It like the others in it's collection, are no longer avaliable officially, although I have seen most of the collection (never Rumple's Wiggin or What's With the Cattitude?) at Ulta's all the time. Even if your Ulta or beauty supplier doesn't have these polishes, they are easy to find on Amazon, ebay and other beauty related webstores.

This photo is relatively true to the actually color. It however is making it seem much more blue base than it actually is (purple's are either pink, yellow or blue based). This is definitely a yellow based purple that is leaning towards the plum end of the spectrum. It is one of the most opaque nail polishes I have ever used. Granted, I do use pretty heavy coats but still..... One coat gave me full opacity and it does chip a little easier than others in this collection, it still lasts for at least 2-3 days.

This is one of the better swatches, even though I'm sure we can all agree is still kinda awful. (note- I have short and stubby nails so even when swatch quality is better, you are rarely if ever going to see the beautiful long, even nails you see on other, more professional blogs/sites) This is true to the actual color. However this was taken using flash and in natural lighting this does seem to be quite a bit darker until you step into good lighting. If you have any questions about this nail polish or anything else nail related, feel free to email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com or leave me a comment below.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What's With All The Cremes?

Yay for the first blog post! I seem to be on track for a post everyday but who knows how long that will last (I will definitely try and keep it up) So in a ton of my disgusting swatches and in my reviews I mention having 90% cremes. I'm sure if I set up a mathematical proportion (nerd alert LOL) I'm sure the percentage would actually be much higher. Hold on let me actually go and do that *Five Minutes Later* Apparantly I own only 77% cremes. Hmmm. I'm going to stick with 90 for a more dramatic effect. Anyways, obviously people are going to think I gravitate towards cremes. Maybe I do, but that's not the reason I own so many. It's simply because of the colors. If I like a color, I'm going to buy it whether it's a matte, suede shimmer, glitter, duochrome etc. It's a nail polish obsession.... I think as a consumer, that's what pulls me in, the color. I definitely like holografic gilttery polish too, if its two colors in one you can't go wrong! So along with waiting like, two months for decent swatches, you'll also have to just stick around and trust I own polishes other than cremes! Bear with me-Sierra
If you have questions about anything nail relates leave me a comment or email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Got the Blues for Red Swatch

Yayyy! We finally reached a polish that wasn't given to me by my mom! The story behind this polish is pretty simple. In the bathroom I share with my sister, there's a closet. In the closet was a beauty bag filled with nail polish. Once I was on an OPI kick I went into the back to go take some for my personal stash. Much to my dismay it was mostly Essie, and we all know how I dislike Essie. But there were two OPI's, Got the Blues For Red and Russian to a Party. So here we go...

Got the Blues for Red is a creme, what else? However it is an older edition of the polish before OPI brought out the huge brushes. I do prefer the huge brushes but my terrible snobbiness (I hate it, don't think for a minute I don't) doesn't care because it's still OPI. It seems more watery than the other cremes I own but that could just be an illusion as the brush is much, much thinner. In all of the "swatches" OPI provides you for this color, whether it be on their app or website, it shows the color as a blackened, super deep red when in fact, it is one of the brightest, most true reds I have come across.

Now the above photo is definitely NOT helping me prove to you that this a bright cherry red. Sigh. Oh well. As the name suggests, it has blue undertones. This is one of the best polishes for longevity on the nails although the formula could be different now.

Ahhh. Finally. Now you see what I mean? Pretty, bright and red. (yes I know the swatch isn't amazing but there are much worse coming in the next few weeks from my bulk swatching) The first coat is kind of sheer, but it actually looks stunning that way as a slightly transparant red. But the above photo is with two coats which leaves it quite opaque but I do think it's full opacity is somewhere closer to three coats. If you have any questions about this polish or anything else nail related, comment below or email me for a faster response at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com
<3 Sierra

Who the Shrek Are You? Swatch

Hey guys, here's my second swatch post, also done in a bulk swatch! As you know from the Ogre the Top Blue post, this was given to me by my mom last summer along with Ogre the Top Blue and Funkey Dunkey. Expect a crap quality swatch!

This is pretty much spot on in the photography department- a touch yellower and a touch lighter in real life but that's about it. This is from the Shrek collection which came out last summer of 2010. It, like all polishes in the Shrek collection is a creme finish which means it has no shimmer or duochrome but still has a glossy, reflective finish, unlike a suede or a matte. It is a bright green- one of the brightest I've seen, without being dayglo and having that in your face vibe about it. This is not super streaky but needs two to three coats for full opacity. It lasts for a long time in the nail polish world and is a fantastic summer color.

This swatch isn't too terrible and in my opinion, shows the color perfectly. If you have any questions about this polish or anything else nail related, leave me a comment below or email me at sierraheartspolishes@gmail.com

Ogre the Top Blue Swatch!

Okay guys here's how these swatch posts are going to work- I am going to start with my first OPI and work my way to my current nail polishes and new purhases over time. With my old nail polishes (when I say old i just mean worn before) I don't just post them when I wear them again because with me continuously buying new ones, I might not wear them for a long time and posting will get delayed by sososo much. I bulk swatch, which essentially means I put the polish on, photograph it, remove it, get the next one, put it on, photograph it, remove it etc. All my photos for bulk swatched polishes are honestly, crappy. They are messily and quickly done. I know this is unappealling and even I cringe when I see them. It's not that I don't care, It's that I don't have the time. So I apologize but once we reach my current/recently bought polishes, you'll get pics of second day nails- all the residue around the cuticles removed, great finishes, top coat and all that jazz. So I apologize that for the first month or two of posting it's kind of gross but I promise you that after that they'll be much better. In addition to the swatches, there's a photo of the bottle and a review! Enjoy!

So as stated above, this is from Ogre the Top Blue from OPI's Shrek summer collection of 2010. This was the beginning of an addiction. Now technically speaking, I had a mini OPI gift set from holiday of 09 but it was this polish that began it all. I was getting my hair done for a school dance and while flipping through a magazine I see an ad for these and so does my mom. We were like OMG because this collection consisted of greens, blues and purples, which are to this day my favorite colors. Then after that we go to the nail salon and it was an under the sea dance so I wanted a blue polish. Unknowingly I picked up What's With the Cattitude (a pale blue). My mom said no it would be too sheer. My friend however got it and it was opaque and just what I wanted :(. But I had gone for a darker option- Ogre the Top Blue. My mom was in love with the color and I liked it a lot too. We then realized the polishes were from the shrek collection! I thought it was a cool coincidence. My mom surprised me a few weeks later with my first OPI polishes- Ogre the Top Blue, Funkey Dunkey and Who the Shrek Are You? And so an addiction began......

Anyways sentimental story beside, this is truly a fantastic color. It is so opaque I can use one coat and be fine. I do however, prefer to use two. It's brightened classic blue with green undertones. It like 90% of my nail polish collection, is a creme finish which means it has no shimmer but is still glossy unlike a matte or suede.
Ogre the Top Blue

This picture is pretty true to the color- just a touch greener in real life. This color lasts a long time without chipping, isn't streaky and isn't too sensitive to brush strokes. Even though it is no longer avaliable "officially" I still see it at Ulta's all the time and is all over the internet at it's original price or lower.

The first of many terrible swatch photos. I know it's a frightening thought but this is one of the better ones by quite a bit! I apologize for the qualiy of the above photo but I swear- things will improve over time! If you have any questions regarding this polish or any thing else nail related, feel free to email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Hey All

Um... terrible pic of a neon OPI rainbow?
So here goes.... Yeah well judging by the title, you've all figured out I'm Sierra, a teenage nail polish addict. It's really not good to be addicted to anything, especially when said thing costs money. If you're here for brand variety, you're out of luck, even though I hate to admit it, I'm a nail polish snob. As in OPI or bust. Not because I dont't like Revlon or NYC or whatever but because I'd much rather spend my money on an OPI bottle than two cheaper bottles. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not good. But hey, that's me. As I said, I am a teenager which means juggling school, homework, more homework, friends sports staying fit, family and more homework. Now i have a blog to mantain too. Probably not wise but I think it'll be fun for me and hopefully, you too. So my goal is to get one swatch up a week, as in a full hand holding the bottle. Maybe two. But no guarantees. In addition to that a traditional "blog" post containing things such as my hatred for Essie, how I'm afraid to buy China Glaze and how somehow 90% of my polishes are a creme finish. You know, typical polish junkie stuff. I'm happy to get suggestions on posts and I'll gladly answer questions you may have about my nail polish addiction, colors and anything else nail related. Maybe I'll even feature it in a post if it seems interesting enough that other people would enjoy. So just be warned- 99.9 percent of the polishes featured here are going to be OPI. The occasional Sephora by OPI and once in a blue moon, a Nicole by OPI.Wish me the best of luck and I hope you enjoy!