Friday, August 26, 2011

What's With All The Cremes?

Yay for the first blog post! I seem to be on track for a post everyday but who knows how long that will last (I will definitely try and keep it up) So in a ton of my disgusting swatches and in my reviews I mention having 90% cremes. I'm sure if I set up a mathematical proportion (nerd alert LOL) I'm sure the percentage would actually be much higher. Hold on let me actually go and do that *Five Minutes Later* Apparantly I own only 77% cremes. Hmmm. I'm going to stick with 90 for a more dramatic effect. Anyways, obviously people are going to think I gravitate towards cremes. Maybe I do, but that's not the reason I own so many. It's simply because of the colors. If I like a color, I'm going to buy it whether it's a matte, suede shimmer, glitter, duochrome etc. It's a nail polish obsession.... I think as a consumer, that's what pulls me in, the color. I definitely like holografic gilttery polish too, if its two colors in one you can't go wrong! So along with waiting like, two months for decent swatches, you'll also have to just stick around and trust I own polishes other than cremes! Bear with me-Sierra
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