Friday, August 26, 2011

Ogre the Top Blue Swatch!

Okay guys here's how these swatch posts are going to work- I am going to start with my first OPI and work my way to my current nail polishes and new purhases over time. With my old nail polishes (when I say old i just mean worn before) I don't just post them when I wear them again because with me continuously buying new ones, I might not wear them for a long time and posting will get delayed by sososo much. I bulk swatch, which essentially means I put the polish on, photograph it, remove it, get the next one, put it on, photograph it, remove it etc. All my photos for bulk swatched polishes are honestly, crappy. They are messily and quickly done. I know this is unappealling and even I cringe when I see them. It's not that I don't care, It's that I don't have the time. So I apologize but once we reach my current/recently bought polishes, you'll get pics of second day nails- all the residue around the cuticles removed, great finishes, top coat and all that jazz. So I apologize that for the first month or two of posting it's kind of gross but I promise you that after that they'll be much better. In addition to the swatches, there's a photo of the bottle and a review! Enjoy!

So as stated above, this is from Ogre the Top Blue from OPI's Shrek summer collection of 2010. This was the beginning of an addiction. Now technically speaking, I had a mini OPI gift set from holiday of 09 but it was this polish that began it all. I was getting my hair done for a school dance and while flipping through a magazine I see an ad for these and so does my mom. We were like OMG because this collection consisted of greens, blues and purples, which are to this day my favorite colors. Then after that we go to the nail salon and it was an under the sea dance so I wanted a blue polish. Unknowingly I picked up What's With the Cattitude (a pale blue). My mom said no it would be too sheer. My friend however got it and it was opaque and just what I wanted :(. But I had gone for a darker option- Ogre the Top Blue. My mom was in love with the color and I liked it a lot too. We then realized the polishes were from the shrek collection! I thought it was a cool coincidence. My mom surprised me a few weeks later with my first OPI polishes- Ogre the Top Blue, Funkey Dunkey and Who the Shrek Are You? And so an addiction began......

Anyways sentimental story beside, this is truly a fantastic color. It is so opaque I can use one coat and be fine. I do however, prefer to use two. It's brightened classic blue with green undertones. It like 90% of my nail polish collection, is a creme finish which means it has no shimmer but is still glossy unlike a matte or suede.
Ogre the Top Blue

This picture is pretty true to the color- just a touch greener in real life. This color lasts a long time without chipping, isn't streaky and isn't too sensitive to brush strokes. Even though it is no longer avaliable "officially" I still see it at Ulta's all the time and is all over the internet at it's original price or lower.

The first of many terrible swatch photos. I know it's a frightening thought but this is one of the better ones by quite a bit! I apologize for the qualiy of the above photo but I swear- things will improve over time! If you have any questions regarding this polish or any thing else nail related, feel free to email me at

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  1. Don't worry you swatch photos aren't worse than mine. I can't wait to see what other colors you will be swatching! Good luck in your blogging dear!