Friday, August 26, 2011

Got the Blues for Red Swatch

Yayyy! We finally reached a polish that wasn't given to me by my mom! The story behind this polish is pretty simple. In the bathroom I share with my sister, there's a closet. In the closet was a beauty bag filled with nail polish. Once I was on an OPI kick I went into the back to go take some for my personal stash. Much to my dismay it was mostly Essie, and we all know how I dislike Essie. But there were two OPI's, Got the Blues For Red and Russian to a Party. So here we go...

Got the Blues for Red is a creme, what else? However it is an older edition of the polish before OPI brought out the huge brushes. I do prefer the huge brushes but my terrible snobbiness (I hate it, don't think for a minute I don't) doesn't care because it's still OPI. It seems more watery than the other cremes I own but that could just be an illusion as the brush is much, much thinner. In all of the "swatches" OPI provides you for this color, whether it be on their app or website, it shows the color as a blackened, super deep red when in fact, it is one of the brightest, most true reds I have come across.

Now the above photo is definitely NOT helping me prove to you that this a bright cherry red. Sigh. Oh well. As the name suggests, it has blue undertones. This is one of the best polishes for longevity on the nails although the formula could be different now.

Ahhh. Finally. Now you see what I mean? Pretty, bright and red. (yes I know the swatch isn't amazing but there are much worse coming in the next few weeks from my bulk swatching) The first coat is kind of sheer, but it actually looks stunning that way as a slightly transparant red. But the above photo is with two coats which leaves it quite opaque but I do think it's full opacity is somewhere closer to three coats. If you have any questions about this polish or anything else nail related, comment below or email me for a faster response at
<3 Sierra

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