Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do You Think I'm Tex-y? (Post 20)

Let me just start by saying- this is my new favorite pedicure color. Ever. This is OPI's new sorbet finish- basically a jelly. This is a pretty berry color and is perfect for fall. It needs 3 or 4 coats for full opacity but is overall, a great polish.

This is the first ehh swatch in a while- I apologize. Sorry for the short post but I have a heap of homework waiting for me. Email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

xoxo Sierra

What's With the Cattitude? Swatch (Post 19)

Hey- sorry again for the lack of consistent posting! I'm posting two today me thinks.... oh well. This is another color from the Shrek collection, however it is a recent purchase. This is the sky blue creme and let me just say- this is perfect- it's such a standard color yet so rarely produced and it was just a success all around- <3. My bottle pic is not great but the swatches are pretty good. This was opaque in two or three coats- standard for a pastel/pale color. It looks good, wears well and has such a cute name!

Love, love, love! The swatch is pretty good- although not my best! I love this so much but I've pretty much said all I have to say about it- love!!! As always, feel free to email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com !

Friday, September 23, 2011

In My Back Pocket and Zom-body to Love

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. To make up for it, I'm giving you two, In My Back Pocket and Zom-Body to love. These two have nothing in common but to me, they are both Halloween colors so I just thought- go for it.

In My Back Pocket is such a pretty color. It's hard to find a good orange and at least to me, this is a great one. It's super opaque and drys nicely. It's consticency is pretty nice as is wear time. This color in a nutshell is basically what kraft mac and cheese (ew gross comparison) looks like when its saturated.

Sorry it's not the best picture- my original copy got deleted of my computer so I had to quickly take another like 5 seconds ago. I don't know how the following swatch is but I think it's one of the ehh ones.

Yay! It's pretty good! But the picture itself isn't :( Oh well! This reallly portrays the color well and it's a perfect Halloween Orange.

Okay Zom-Body to Love. This is OPI's glow in the dark polish. It takes four or five coats because it's sheer and the first one is barely anything. It's a slowish drier but other than that- AMAZING! The color is sosososo pretty it's this amazing saturated green with hints and undertones of blue and man, this thing glows like crazy!!!!

The swatch is a little ehh and the color is showing up really like a dupe for Mermaid's Tears. Which it's not. So fun Halloween colors right? Anways, feel free to email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Monday, September 19, 2011

Love is a Racket (Post 17)

Okay so this is my current, all time favorite polish. Who knows how long it will last but for now, it's my faveee! I don't really have much to say other than it's easily a one coater and is beautful, glass flecked and berry!

Pretty accurate photograph. The swatches below are not my best- I tried to do a reswatch which just delayed the post sooooo much. Maybe later on in the year I'll get a good one to you!

Again- sorry fot the photo quality and delay! I got 5 more polishes so I will still have consistent posting for you guys through the net 2 or 3 weeks. As always, feel free to email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pros and Bronze Swatch (Post 16)

Ooooh how I love this color! I'll have Love is a Racket up soon! This is Pros and Bronze from the recent Serena Williams duo pack. (Speaking of duo packs- I went 2 Ulta 2day 2 buy my number one best friend nail polish and promised I wouldn't buy anything because I just bought 5 nail polishes online on Sunday but then I saw the OPI duo pack with the Zom-body to love glow in the dark polish and black shatter. OOPS!) The Serena duo pack is 14.95 and is avaliable at most Ulta's.
This is a fine glitter with pink, red, orange and of course, bronze glitter. It has this amazing duochrome effect even though if you ask me, its not a duochrome at all. It's sososo beautiful and I have to get my hands on red shatter just for this polish. My swatches (I am posting two for this one, don't know why) are amazing and true to my nail application skills here and are pulling super orange. It's ridiculous how orange. But its still pretty, even if it's not true to color.

This polish is the whole reason I purchased the duo pack. It's gorgeous and almost exactly what I had been looking for (an orange-pink duochrome of awesomeness) but at the end of the day I love Love is A Racket so much more. As tennis is my main sport, I also love the whole tennis vibe. Anyways back to Love is A Racket, a very little known fact is that my favorite nail polish of the history of nail polishness until I purchased Love is A Racket was NYC Love Me Red Creme. Yup. I know. It's not OPI. Who are you and what have you done to Sierra? Well it's true, and I spent half my life looking for a beautiful OPI dupe. Then I buy this pack because I'm hellbent on getting the orange-fuschia duo-chrome and BAM! Love is A Racket becomes my favorite nail polish. It's similar all right but it no ways a dupe. It's redder, sparklier, glass flecked and has wayyyyyy less duochrome. But- I love it. So even though that story should have been included with Love is A Racket, it's not. Regardless, I love this nail polish so much! (btw it looks AWFUL layered over In My Back Pocket (an upcoming swatch) so never ever ever layer it. UGLY!) Love all of you and as always email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com and of course my commenting is still broken so keep the love coming because even if I can't comment you, I still read and love you all!
xoxo Sierra

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rest Of Pirates (Post 15)

Hey guys sorry it's been a while, tennis and school are back in session! To make up for that I'm posting the remaining swatches of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (I don't have the shatter because I haven't decided if I'm a shatter girl or not yet) The formula was great on all of these, although Steady as She Rose was streaky on the first coat. So here we go!

So I' going to start with Mermaids Tears because I'm going from worst swatch to best and this is the worst of the group. It is so much brighter in person and depending on the lighting, pulls green or blue. This was amazing in opacity and I believe the following picture is a 2 coater.


So the next color is Skulls and Glossbones which is a muted grey. This is one of the strangest colors because more than a few times, I have looked at it and thought- did I put Stranger Tides on? It looks soooo greeen! But everytime it's still this grey so be warned- it pulls a very strange green in some lights. It's pretty but on my pink-pink skin, it is quite unflattering.

This picture shows the strange green in pulls. Probably my least favorite in the collection because it's not a true steel grey.

Next up is Steady As She Rose, my favorite! It's a beautiful muted lilac and is soooo flattering on me! It's kinda streaky on the first coat but you could get by with two if you had to, I however, recommend three.

In real life, this is only slightly more purple.

Sorry for the messyish swatch- this isn't a second day nail....

Stranger Tides is such a pretty green- yet so ugly. I can't even begin to describe it. It's not olive, it's not seafoam, it's not mint, it's not a grey green. So yeah. It's kind of just a color of it's own. I'll let the swatches do the talking because they're actually quite good. At least for me :)

Lastly we have Planks a Lot, my all time favorite purple. Ever. And yet it's not my favorite from the collection and the one that is is also a purple. Making sense to anyone? Not to me. Sigh oh well. Let's not even try to understand my brain. This is a beautiful true purple that is amazingly opaque. <33333

Beautiful swatch right? For the record this is what my nails look like when I leave the house. As always feel free to comment or email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com Because of the super long post I don't think I'll be posting again until Wednesday but who knows maybe I'll do a blabby all mouth no pictures post tomorrow. After that I think the post's will be pretty consistent with everyother or every third although who really knows. I just ordered 4 sorbets from the Texas collection and another Shrek polish so I'll have those up ASAP which including shipping and swatching, might not be until the end of the month. I love you guys and am sorry my commenting isn't working very well. I should be on twitter by 2012 (I know, a ways away) and will keep the polish love coming!
xoxo Sierra

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Into to Pirates and Sparrow Me the Drama Swatch (Post 14)

Yay! Pirates time! Now I know this is an older collection, which I apologize for, but I think these are such pretty colors that I just have to show them! Most of these were not done in bulk swatching and are much better quality. I'm starting with the worst swatch (Sparrow Me the Drama) and working my way up to stuff I am proud of! So here goes....

This is showing up super dusky and purple and grey. It is definitely a muted pink but honestly, as far as true to color goes, this is the worst post. You'll see why in a minute.

This is coming up so nude! And so matte! Grrr. My camera usually doesn't have too many issues but clearly, it doesn't like Sparrow Me the Drama, a pink from the Pirates collection that at many retailers, is still avaliable. It's glossy and pink and just beautiful! Not this awkward Snooki Bronzed Nude that is showing up here with matte matte matteness! It lasts quite well and I think is very well formulated though a tad on the runny side which of course, only I would notice. This is one of my favorite colors in the world and my number one go to pink (other than love is a racket) I know this was relatively brief for me bbut now that schools back in session,  I have piles and piles of homework. I am babysitting again soon which means more money for polish and being with my favorite little kids in the world! (Most of my money comes from babysitting although I do have a small allowance which is great and helps) I will be ordering five new polishes sometimes next week although I haven't decided the exact one's, I'm kinda torn between two. So as always, leave me a comment and I'll try my best to respond or email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Snow Swatch! I think this is post 13!

Okay here comes another one that's not so great swatch wise but after this theres two or three bad ones left and then the ones I'm not totally embarassed of shine through! In Snow is no longer avaliable which I think is reallly sad because it is really a pretty and totally wearable white! It looks silver at first but once you compare it to an actual silver, you realize how pale it really is! I just love this color and think it's not too hard to find on ebay..... anyways enough jibber-jabber!

This shows it for what it is- a pearly white! Love love love! The following swatches are ehhhh and the lighting is blechhhh but as I said- only a few more to go of grossness!

Ehhh. Now at first look you guys are going to be like SHEER ALERT! But it's so not! There is no visible nail line after 2 coats and 3 is perfect opacity! It looks kind of strange because of the lighting but I promise- the next time I paint my nails like this, I will gladly post a reswatch! Thanks and remember I'm having trouble with the blogger interface commenting which means 1) I don't get to put myself out there in the comments and let more people know I exist :( and 2) I don't get to connect with people who already do! But as always, feel free to email directly and drop me a comment anyway and I'll figure out how to get back to you! (sierraheartspolish@gmail.com) xoxo- Sierra

Another annoying post (Post 12)

Apparantly blogger really doesn't like me. There are all these blogs I love and it lets me comment on maybe, a third of them? I try to even upload response comments to you guys and- no. I am not allowed to. Keep commenting and I'll email my thoughts to you or just wait until blogger gets their act together. Sigh. So just please dont think I'm ignoring you guys, because I love you all! But on a happy note, expect a shimmery rare swatch to be posted later! Love you all,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Baguette Me Not Swatch- Post 11

Okeydokey,  here's Baguette Me Not, the other polish I got from a friend in exchange for some too small tank tops and such. Baguette Me Not is from the French collection that came out a while back by OPI. It is currently unavaliable at Ulta but I'm sure many across the country still have it in stock. Using google shopping, it's also really easy to find it online. Baguette Me Not is definitely the wierdest and "ugliest" color in my collection. Having said that, I actually think it's really pretty. It is a reddish, coral neutral brown. Yeah it doesn't make that much sense to me either. But it's almost pink but is still definitely a shade of brown. Like most of my polishes, it's a creme. (Sooooo sorry if you're into shimmerry colors!, they're on their way though, don't worry!)

This picture definitely shows the browner side of Baguette Me Not. But I swear, in some lights in looks super pink, and others coral! This is a super opaque nail polish and I could easily get away with just one coat, I do however prefer two. It lasts an average amount of time on the nails. It's a really strange color and I have had a few people comment on how unattractive it is. I prefer wearing it on my toes but it has it's place in my collection. It's definitely not for everyone because it's such a strange color.
Note- it looks like I have a glob of this color on my middle finger- if you look closely it's in a lot of swatches because it's actually a cut. Yay for another imperfect swatch. This one isnt terrible on my actual fingers but is blurrier than most. Sorry- you'll just have to deal :(. This picture definitely shows of the coral undertones of the nail polish. I have one more random polish and then a review of the Pirates of the Caribbean polishs- some of those are good swatches because they weren't done in bulk!  If you have any questions about this nail polish or about nails in general comment or feel free to email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fiercely Fiona Swatch (Post 10)

Okay so here's another and the last (for now) Shrek collection swatch. The story behind this polish is kind of interesting. My friends are really into some of my tank tops and stuff so when i out grow them I gave them to one of my friends and we had a sleepover that night. While I was at her house I was looking through her nail polish (of course) and found two I had to have because they were such unique colors, Fiercly Fiona and Baguette Me Not (the next swatch post). Because I had given her the items earlier she gave me Baguette Me Not, free of charge. However Fiercly Fiona was her sisters. Luckily for me, her sister said yeah you can have it for 5 bucks. So I scored two rare colors for 5 dollars! Steal! Anyways, Fiercly Fiona's from the Shrek collection, of which I already have three of, which was a super sweet gift from my mom and the start of an obsession. It like all the other colors in the collection (and mine!) is a creme.
Fiercly Fiona is one of the strangest, most unique colors I have ever seen! It is a yellowed green. The above picture is acurrate to what it actually looks like in the bottle while on the nails it is much more yellow. It's the kind of color that looks yellow next to yellow and green next to green in one light and yellow next to green and green next to yellow in another.

I think this is one of the top three worst swatches so please please please bear with me! As you can see, it looks much yellower than in the bottle. This is probably the worst formulated out of the four Shrek polishes I have. It is streaky at first but by the third coat you are fine, takes forever to dry and is kind of runny. But despite all that I still really love this color. If you have any questions about this nail polish or anything else nail related, leave me a comment below or email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Friday, September 2, 2011

Russian to a Party Swatch (Post 9)

Hey nail polish junkies, I'm up to the second part in my red polish mini segment (I have a full Pirates of the Caribbean review segment soon, even though the collections kind of old, I thought it would be enjoyable) The second polish I found in my bathroom that day so long ago is a discontinued OPI with the old style brush. Russian to a Party is one of the few polishes I have that isn't a creme. The only place I've been able to find it online is gwbeauty.com so if you're interested, it's the only place I can send you although I'm sure some beauty outlets and supply stores may have it in stock. This is truly a beautiful polish. Its a deep brown-red with gold pearl and glitter infused in it. It's stunning for winter and is just mesmerising to look at in the bottle.
This picture isn't a great match (my camera seems to have an issue with reds and purples) it's redder in person and the gold pearl is well, golder. It's kind of a streaky formula but the color is so beautiful that i can easily deal with it. Three coats is enough but two isn't quite opaque. It lasts a long time without chipping. Something I forgot to mention in my Got the Blues for Red post is that reds tend to stain and stick to your cuticles more than any other color (in my experience) and this is no exeption.

Ehh... this is not one of the best swatches. Oh well. As you can see it's a nice red with gold pearl and you can see some of the shimmery reflects. All in all this is a great nail polish and if you're really into reds, it is definitely worth hunting down. If you have any questions about this nail polish or anything that's also nail related you can drop me a comment or email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Argh. Update (Post 8)

I hate posts that shouldn't be necessary. However blogger is not allowing the posts to be viewed in the order they were posted! It's really frustrating. But here is the order in which they should appear.
Hey All, Ogre the Top Blue Swatch, What's With All the Cremes, Who the Shrek Are You Swatch, Funkey Dunkey Swatch, Update and Essie Story, Got the Blues for Red Swatch and Argh. Update. So each post will be numbered from now on with this being post 8. This way you can read them and understand I'm not trying to confuse you, sorry and enjoy!

Update and Essie Story

Hey guys- sorry I've been out and not really following a pattern for posting- the hurricane made it a little difficult to post what with the internet going in and out! Today I have a story about my hatred for essie. Essie lovers, I'm sorry. So when I was 10 or 11, (quite a while before my OPI nail polish addiction) my mom had a beautiful lilac/grey essie. It was my favorite polish in the whole world! Whenever my mom painted my nails- it would be that color. So once I was into polish I thought to myself- let's go through the abandoned nail polish drawer (where I found Got the Blues For Red, Russian to a Party and In Snow). So I automatically go for my mom's fun, vibrant coral and pink essies. So once I've gathered maybe four or five, I go to my room to paint my toes the purple. I try to open it. No luck. The quality of the polish was definitely not great, granted it was old, but  Russian to a Party and In Snow were older! I try again. No luck. I run it under hot water. No luck. I try the orange. No luck. The pinks. No luck. This continued. I think 2 or 3 of my mom's many essie's refused to open. I know when polishes have lots of polish under the lid when screwed tight they can dry together. But no, 10 polishes aren't likely to do that. However, the OPI's had no problem opening despite being older and more used. Fail on essie's part. Small bottle, small brush, small span of good use. I'm out. I'd rather waste my money on OPI than waste it on essie. And now you know. :) Whether this actually interested you or not, I don't know. Tell me your thoughts in the comments or email me at sierraheartspolish@gmail.com