Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update and Essie Story

Hey guys- sorry I've been out and not really following a pattern for posting- the hurricane made it a little difficult to post what with the internet going in and out! Today I have a story about my hatred for essie. Essie lovers, I'm sorry. So when I was 10 or 11, (quite a while before my OPI nail polish addiction) my mom had a beautiful lilac/grey essie. It was my favorite polish in the whole world! Whenever my mom painted my nails- it would be that color. So once I was into polish I thought to myself- let's go through the abandoned nail polish drawer (where I found Got the Blues For Red, Russian to a Party and In Snow). So I automatically go for my mom's fun, vibrant coral and pink essies. So once I've gathered maybe four or five, I go to my room to paint my toes the purple. I try to open it. No luck. The quality of the polish was definitely not great, granted it was old, but  Russian to a Party and In Snow were older! I try again. No luck. I run it under hot water. No luck. I try the orange. No luck. The pinks. No luck. This continued. I think 2 or 3 of my mom's many essie's refused to open. I know when polishes have lots of polish under the lid when screwed tight they can dry together. But no, 10 polishes aren't likely to do that. However, the OPI's had no problem opening despite being older and more used. Fail on essie's part. Small bottle, small brush, small span of good use. I'm out. I'd rather waste my money on OPI than waste it on essie. And now you know. :) Whether this actually interested you or not, I don't know. Tell me your thoughts in the comments or email me at

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