Friday, September 2, 2011

Russian to a Party Swatch (Post 9)

Hey nail polish junkies, I'm up to the second part in my red polish mini segment (I have a full Pirates of the Caribbean review segment soon, even though the collections kind of old, I thought it would be enjoyable) The second polish I found in my bathroom that day so long ago is a discontinued OPI with the old style brush. Russian to a Party is one of the few polishes I have that isn't a creme. The only place I've been able to find it online is so if you're interested, it's the only place I can send you although I'm sure some beauty outlets and supply stores may have it in stock. This is truly a beautiful polish. Its a deep brown-red with gold pearl and glitter infused in it. It's stunning for winter and is just mesmerising to look at in the bottle.
This picture isn't a great match (my camera seems to have an issue with reds and purples) it's redder in person and the gold pearl is well, golder. It's kind of a streaky formula but the color is so beautiful that i can easily deal with it. Three coats is enough but two isn't quite opaque. It lasts a long time without chipping. Something I forgot to mention in my Got the Blues for Red post is that reds tend to stain and stick to your cuticles more than any other color (in my experience) and this is no exeption.

Ehh... this is not one of the best swatches. Oh well. As you can see it's a nice red with gold pearl and you can see some of the shimmery reflects. All in all this is a great nail polish and if you're really into reds, it is definitely worth hunting down. If you have any questions about this nail polish or anything that's also nail related you can drop me a comment or email me at

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