Monday, September 5, 2011

Baguette Me Not Swatch- Post 11

Okeydokey,  here's Baguette Me Not, the other polish I got from a friend in exchange for some too small tank tops and such. Baguette Me Not is from the French collection that came out a while back by OPI. It is currently unavaliable at Ulta but I'm sure many across the country still have it in stock. Using google shopping, it's also really easy to find it online. Baguette Me Not is definitely the wierdest and "ugliest" color in my collection. Having said that, I actually think it's really pretty. It is a reddish, coral neutral brown. Yeah it doesn't make that much sense to me either. But it's almost pink but is still definitely a shade of brown. Like most of my polishes, it's a creme. (Sooooo sorry if you're into shimmerry colors!, they're on their way though, don't worry!)

This picture definitely shows the browner side of Baguette Me Not. But I swear, in some lights in looks super pink, and others coral! This is a super opaque nail polish and I could easily get away with just one coat, I do however prefer two. It lasts an average amount of time on the nails. It's a really strange color and I have had a few people comment on how unattractive it is. I prefer wearing it on my toes but it has it's place in my collection. It's definitely not for everyone because it's such a strange color.
Note- it looks like I have a glob of this color on my middle finger- if you look closely it's in a lot of swatches because it's actually a cut. Yay for another imperfect swatch. This one isnt terrible on my actual fingers but is blurrier than most. Sorry- you'll just have to deal :(. This picture definitely shows of the coral undertones of the nail polish. I have one more random polish and then a review of the Pirates of the Caribbean polishs- some of those are good swatches because they weren't done in bulk!  If you have any questions about this nail polish or about nails in general comment or feel free to email me at

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  1. I'm not a big fan of orange colors for nails, not really my cup a tea, but the color looks good on you