Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Snow Swatch! I think this is post 13!

Okay here comes another one that's not so great swatch wise but after this theres two or three bad ones left and then the ones I'm not totally embarassed of shine through! In Snow is no longer avaliable which I think is reallly sad because it is really a pretty and totally wearable white! It looks silver at first but once you compare it to an actual silver, you realize how pale it really is! I just love this color and think it's not too hard to find on ebay..... anyways enough jibber-jabber!

This shows it for what it is- a pearly white! Love love love! The following swatches are ehhhh and the lighting is blechhhh but as I said- only a few more to go of grossness!

Ehhh. Now at first look you guys are going to be like SHEER ALERT! But it's so not! There is no visible nail line after 2 coats and 3 is perfect opacity! It looks kind of strange because of the lighting but I promise- the next time I paint my nails like this, I will gladly post a reswatch! Thanks and remember I'm having trouble with the blogger interface commenting which means 1) I don't get to put myself out there in the comments and let more people know I exist :( and 2) I don't get to connect with people who already do! But as always, feel free to email directly and drop me a comment anyway and I'll figure out how to get back to you! (sierraheartspolish@gmail.com) xoxo- Sierra

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