Friday, September 23, 2011

In My Back Pocket and Zom-body to Love

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. To make up for it, I'm giving you two, In My Back Pocket and Zom-Body to love. These two have nothing in common but to me, they are both Halloween colors so I just thought- go for it.

In My Back Pocket is such a pretty color. It's hard to find a good orange and at least to me, this is a great one. It's super opaque and drys nicely. It's consticency is pretty nice as is wear time. This color in a nutshell is basically what kraft mac and cheese (ew gross comparison) looks like when its saturated.

Sorry it's not the best picture- my original copy got deleted of my computer so I had to quickly take another like 5 seconds ago. I don't know how the following swatch is but I think it's one of the ehh ones.

Yay! It's pretty good! But the picture itself isn't :( Oh well! This reallly portrays the color well and it's a perfect Halloween Orange.

Okay Zom-Body to Love. This is OPI's glow in the dark polish. It takes four or five coats because it's sheer and the first one is barely anything. It's a slowish drier but other than that- AMAZING! The color is sosososo pretty it's this amazing saturated green with hints and undertones of blue and man, this thing glows like crazy!!!!

The swatch is a little ehh and the color is showing up really like a dupe for Mermaid's Tears. Which it's not. So fun Halloween colors right? Anways, feel free to email me at

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