Monday, September 12, 2011

Rest Of Pirates (Post 15)

Hey guys sorry it's been a while, tennis and school are back in session! To make up for that I'm posting the remaining swatches of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (I don't have the shatter because I haven't decided if I'm a shatter girl or not yet) The formula was great on all of these, although Steady as She Rose was streaky on the first coat. So here we go!

So I' going to start with Mermaids Tears because I'm going from worst swatch to best and this is the worst of the group. It is so much brighter in person and depending on the lighting, pulls green or blue. This was amazing in opacity and I believe the following picture is a 2 coater.


So the next color is Skulls and Glossbones which is a muted grey. This is one of the strangest colors because more than a few times, I have looked at it and thought- did I put Stranger Tides on? It looks soooo greeen! But everytime it's still this grey so be warned- it pulls a very strange green in some lights. It's pretty but on my pink-pink skin, it is quite unflattering.

This picture shows the strange green in pulls. Probably my least favorite in the collection because it's not a true steel grey.

Next up is Steady As She Rose, my favorite! It's a beautiful muted lilac and is soooo flattering on me! It's kinda streaky on the first coat but you could get by with two if you had to, I however, recommend three.

In real life, this is only slightly more purple.

Sorry for the messyish swatch- this isn't a second day nail....

Stranger Tides is such a pretty green- yet so ugly. I can't even begin to describe it. It's not olive, it's not seafoam, it's not mint, it's not a grey green. So yeah. It's kind of just a color of it's own. I'll let the swatches do the talking because they're actually quite good. At least for me :)

Lastly we have Planks a Lot, my all time favorite purple. Ever. And yet it's not my favorite from the collection and the one that is is also a purple. Making sense to anyone? Not to me. Sigh oh well. Let's not even try to understand my brain. This is a beautiful true purple that is amazingly opaque. <33333

Beautiful swatch right? For the record this is what my nails look like when I leave the house. As always feel free to comment or email me at Because of the super long post I don't think I'll be posting again until Wednesday but who knows maybe I'll do a blabby all mouth no pictures post tomorrow. After that I think the post's will be pretty consistent with everyother or every third although who really knows. I just ordered 4 sorbets from the Texas collection and another Shrek polish so I'll have those up ASAP which including shipping and swatching, might not be until the end of the month. I love you guys and am sorry my commenting isn't working very well. I should be on twitter by 2012 (I know, a ways away) and will keep the polish love coming!
xoxo Sierra

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