Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey All

Um... terrible pic of a neon OPI rainbow?
So here goes.... Yeah well judging by the title, you've all figured out I'm Sierra, a teenage nail polish addict. It's really not good to be addicted to anything, especially when said thing costs money. If you're here for brand variety, you're out of luck, even though I hate to admit it, I'm a nail polish snob. As in OPI or bust. Not because I dont't like Revlon or NYC or whatever but because I'd much rather spend my money on an OPI bottle than two cheaper bottles. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not good. But hey, that's me. As I said, I am a teenager which means juggling school, homework, more homework, friends sports staying fit, family and more homework. Now i have a blog to mantain too. Probably not wise but I think it'll be fun for me and hopefully, you too. So my goal is to get one swatch up a week, as in a full hand holding the bottle. Maybe two. But no guarantees. In addition to that a traditional "blog" post containing things such as my hatred for Essie, how I'm afraid to buy China Glaze and how somehow 90% of my polishes are a creme finish. You know, typical polish junkie stuff. I'm happy to get suggestions on posts and I'll gladly answer questions you may have about my nail polish addiction, colors and anything else nail related. Maybe I'll even feature it in a post if it seems interesting enough that other people would enjoy. So just be warned- 99.9 percent of the polishes featured here are going to be OPI. The occasional Sephora by OPI and once in a blue moon, a Nicole by OPI.Wish me the best of luck and I hope you enjoy!

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